Monday, December 29, 2014

Magical moments: the sketch.

"Drawing is basically the same as it has been since prehistoric times. It brings together man and the world. It lives through magic." -Keith Haring   

Nichols Center Fox Island.
print from etching cut directly from life.
Street lamp in Gig Harbor.
Watercolor  done on site.
There is nothing like the simplicity of becoming engaged with your environment! As artist's we have that opportunity/excuse to engage ourselves in the splendor of a common place that most people would pass by. Yet we are the lucky ones that are blessed with the sensitivity of discovering the "magic" that many people will thwart with oppressive "to do" lists or self inflicted purposeful priorities.
   Artists are the ones that take some time to celebrate the unbelievable  juxtapositions, the perfections of palette, the numerous nuances that life has to offer in the beauty of nature herself. We are so moved by these wonders that we feel compelled to make an effort of commemorating the memory through our drawings. Just a feeble attempt to celebrate that which we wish to share but through our hearts we record our experience... the sketch.


  1. Very profound thoughts and good sketches!

    1. Thank you Kate. I think sketching is so important and draw everywhere I go... in so many different ways. Thanks for giving an opportunity to sketch and share the world.

  2. Beautiful words. Thank you, Feather. You capture how sketching is one of the blessings we are so incredibly fortunate to have stumbled upon.

    1. Thanks Frances. If sketching is something we stumble upon then I will forever bumble my way through my art life- ha ha.