Thursday, January 29, 2015

I Love Flickr!

I love Flickr for so many reasons:
  • I have multiple sites within Flickr to store my sketches for public viewing.
  • I have a portfolio of my sketches in my own Flickr site.
  • I have several folders within my Flickr site, where I can organize my sketches by subject.
  • I can see sketches every day by other sketchers from our Urban Sketchers-Tacoma group.
  • I can browse the sketches of sketchers from around the world who post in Flickr.
  • I enjoy when people remark about or 'fave' one of my sketches: affirmations are nice.
  • I like how easy it is to post my sketches to Flickr.
  • I like to be able to watch the progress in my sketching skills, by reviewing posted sketches.
  • I learn so much from the sketches I see in Flickr.
  • I can follow sketchers whom I enjoy and who challenge me.
  • I can encourage other sketchers by commenting and 'favor-ing' their work with a star.
  • I learn about the world from following sketchers from around the world.
  • I learn about ideas for sketch kits on Flickr.
I could double this list of why I love Flickr....but, you get the idea!

I just posted the sketches below in Flickr. They were done on our vacation...and all three were sketched in Montreal,  using a Micron .01 pen.

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