Sunday, February 22, 2015

A second play day

Yesterday (Saturday, 21 Feb 2015), Urban Sketchers Tacoma held our second "Play Day".   It is conceived as an orientation to the group for new members and a chance to play around with new media for sketching. 
I gave a presentation about the on-line component of Urban Sketchers.   Here, I'm setting up the monitor (photo by Frances)

Over lunch, we had a "what's in your bag" session.  Here is Frances

Darsie demonstrates his clever and unique "Field Easel Bag"

During the "play" part of the day, there was opportunity to try out new techniques and media.


  1. It was great sharing this day with you, Kate! You shared so many valuable things with the group..knowledge inside from 'inside your head' to your sketch implements from 'inside your sketch kit'. Both 'places' proved to contain some jewels. Thanks for sharing them with us!

  2. Kelly is counting down the days until she retires so she can join us regularly! That will be great! It was 129 days to go on 2/21!