Monday, February 16, 2015

It all starts with a sketch

2 preliminary sketches 1/4 size each
 Sometimes sketching is the practice of "thinking visually" before investing the time to commemorate a place in time through a more extensive study. In this instance a friend and I went sketching together at the Skansie Netshed in Gig Harbor one afternoon. I start with preliminary composition sketches and try and do a vertical and a horizontal but in this case I did 2 verticals to see which I prefer in the crop... higher or lower.  I really enjoy finding "things as they are" in their own environment as there are so many nice vignettes just waiting to be found and appreciated.  Take me to a place that shelters antiques
and I am a happy artist!

7x9 watercolor study


  1. Your preliminary sketches are a great idea. I often jump in, to my later dismay! The idea of net shed still lifes is
    wonderful. Thanks for the memories!

  2. I normally rush in too but if I do have the time I find it helps eliminate latter found shortcomings. It's all really about time (or lack there of)... isn't it? I look forward to sneaking out on another "off the books" sketch out. If you ever reconsider bringing the USk group to Skansie Netshed the offer still stands. Let me know and I will line it up for us.

    1. We definitely need to do this. Let's make it happen when the days are sunny more consistently. It could be one of those inside-outside sketch locations! If there's a best Saturday for it to happen, let me know. Thanks for the invitation!