Saturday, March 7, 2015

Sketching history at Tacoma Library

About 28 sketchers joined in for a the monthly sketch outing with many new people again this month!  Welcome!!  We met at the main Tacoma Library, hosted by Beverly, one of our own, and the manager there.

I'd been there once before for an exhibit of Chandler O'Leary's sketchbooks.    So I knew what I wanted to sketch.

At that first visit, I was amazed to see such old technology in the NW Room, which is the archive. "Everything you have ever wanted to know about our city and our region can be found here. The collection includes a wealth of unique databases, hundreds of thousands of photographs, genealogical records and much more." 

There is a card catalog... a real wooden case with actual paper cards.  Since Rom took care of documenting that, I decided I wanted to sketch the Microfilm Reader!  Who remembers those?   I didn't even plan the "National Geographic red" sweater. She was actually wearing it.  Without it, the scene would have been rather monochromatic.    There is a bit of photo-collage in the microfilm reader screen.   

History of the library:  It opened in 1903 and was the first Carnegie Library built in Washington state! 

This room also holds the beautiful domed ceiling.

We gathered to share sketches in a conference room and then had our group photo.  More photos are here

Photo by Scott
Thanks to Beverly for providing the room, the tour and the snacks!

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