Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Irony on the scene

Gazebos 7 x 9 watercolor

   I have walked past Wild Birds Unlimited frequently and always turn my head with a smile to see what's past the fence between the  deeper depths of the two adjourning properties- a courtyard of garden toys! When one goes into the area there is a walkway, that splits the surplus of outdoor items, which leads to the little store in back. Perhaps it's the windchimes, maybe it's the birdbaths but flocks of sparrows have taken refuge in the cracks and crevices of the brick wall which creates a bluster of activity at dawn and dusk- adding to the charm of the place.
The lap warmer
   So last week I found myself with a little time and thought to visit this place for a little watercolor sketching and found three small gazebos sitting on a bench with the sun hitting it just right (my sketch doesn't do it justice). So I sat on the edge of the sidewalk, began pulling out my supplies when something caught my eye, a black and white cat playfully watching the water swirl in a birdbath.
   It wasn't 2 minutes I was sitting on the cold concrete before the cat helped himself into my lap. He demanded petting, dug his claws into my jeans and wriggled onto his back while swatting at my hand as it swished the paint brush into the water... just like when I'm at home working in my studio. I set boundaries, had a warmer lap and got a fair (at best) study at Wild Birds Unlimited- not a bad day.

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