Monday, April 6, 2015

Tacoma Urban Sketchers Gathering - Washington State History Museum

A most enjoyable gathering at the Washington State History Museum. It was my first visit here and I certainly didn't see all the exhibits, yes, there is a sequel in the works. Kudos to the museum staff, they were welcoming, friendly, and helpful (not something I experience at all museums).

The fish butchering machine on the right is much more complex than represented. One of the benefits of the two and half hour format is that it often keeps me from 'biting off more than I can chew' when it comes to what is included in a sketch. I've gone back to putting a border around a lot of sketches in this book and the boxed date is blatantly stolen from Pat Graham's work. Pen and ink with a watercolor wash in a Moleskine watercolor sketchbook.

 Post-sketching lunch was had at the Tacoma Art Museum Cafe, I recommend the coconut black bean soup. Good food, good conversation, looking forward to the next gathering.


  1. You captured the essence of the day on all fronts, Mark! I think the 'boxed date' was a wonderful 'steal'...and a nice compliment to Pat's lovely work! By the way, the 'other soup' at TAM was very good too.

  2. Great sketch, Mark! Grilled cheese sandwich was also delish!

    - Tina