Saturday, May 2, 2015

Historic Tacoma event

When finding the route to the Historic Tacoma event yesterday, I discovered a Tacoma icon was right on the way.  I've wanted to sketch this odd roadside attraction ever since I first learned of it from Chandler O'Leary's sketch.  When Rom posted his recent sketch, I figured out the location!

I left early enough to cope with the awful traffic and to have time to sketch Bob's Java Jive.  This has been declared an historic building, though I read it's also been condemned.  For many years it's been a dive bar, not a coffee shop.

Once the sketch was done, it was on to the Historic Tacoma Postcard event.   It was held at The Arts and Crafts Press  It was wonderful to enjoy all the post card art in the setting of old fashioned presses!

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