Sunday, June 14, 2015

The Pleasure of the Hunt

"Dress Form" 7x11 watercolor & ink
There are people who have to travel half way around the world to be "inspired". Don't get me wrong, I love to travel and enjoy discovering new things but I've learned that seeing things differently or seeing different things is often all it takes to be inspired.Today I simply left the house and kept my eyes open. I went down to the historic downtown, which is a tourist haunt of cute stores so it was easy. The "find of the day" was a storefront displaying a dress out front on a seamstress's form which caught my eye. Having one of the older businesses, Ladies Boutique, display beside the newest store front on the block, the distillery, as a background just seemed intriguing to me- so I painted it! The best part was that this sketch completed a sketchbook which always make me feel good to fill up and retire a sketchbook. "Dress Form" was found on Harborview dr in Gig Harbor WA.


  1. Well said... and sketched! I have a button that says, "on the journey to Enlightenment, I'm taking the local". Same concept. It's all about having The Eye of an artist. Everywhere I go, I'm composing a page!

  2. I like that..."Everywhere I go, I'm composing a page". If we ever do t-shirts for USK that would be a fun slogan to put on it. Thanks for sharing.