Friday, July 17, 2015

City of Destiny

I used to think the only place for truly great water front and historic building sketching was Port Townsend until Tacoma Urban sketchers came into my life. Now I can't seem to get enough of the City of Destiny. 

The waterfront sketch was done kind of on the fly with 30 minutes to spare before a USk meeting at the end of June. I finished it later in my studio - micron 08 sketch, watercolor pencils and watercolor.

Our 3rd Wednesday at Annie Wright School gave me the opportunity to work on perspective. This one I worked out the perspective and the details in pencil, went back over it in ink and finished it in watercolor. Our outing began with a tour of the school so by the time we got around to sketching we had about two hours to do what ever we were going to do. This sketch took all of that and some work back in my studio to finish it.

I still love Port Townsend but the proximity, convenience and richness of Tacoma is hard to beat.

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