Thursday, August 20, 2015

To quote a Wise One, "Loosey-goosey makes it juicy."

This morning I enjoyed the latest entry in Thomas Kitts' blog . I've learned quite a few helpful things since I subscribed to his blog some time ago, and also I have also regularly appreciated his sense of humor. I mention this because I like to tell artist friends about blogs I think are enjoyable and helpful to artists!

Today, Thomas mentioned that he has noticed GREAT painters switch mediums..say from oils to watercolors...with facility. They seem able to produce very good paintings in both mediums. 

Recently, he decided to try watercolors again after a 20 year hiatus. I resonated with his angst about moving out of one's comfort zone and trying new things....or, old things once more.  Thomas recently did a couple of little plein air watercolors, posted them in the blog... AND...

He was timid.   
He was uncomfortable.
He self-critiqued with crippling great haste. 
He confessed he had the urge to hide his watercolors from artist friends, perhaps committing them to a landfill.

I KNOW those feelings and behaviors. I've been stepping outside my comfort zone recently. I'm experienced with drawing and with values, but fairly new to using color in any medium.  Recently I began trying to both sketch and paint while simultaneously trying to be looser in my rendering. I've often skipped pencil under-sketching and painted first followed by drawing directly in ink on top of the color. I'm been experimenting with using water-soluble ink which can sometimes have a mind of its own. I'm trying out the experience of being faster and more slap dash (though ingrained drawing skills are still present) rather than being a VERY slow perfectionist.

Thomas offered some other great handy-hints and ideas in his blog today--which I leave to you to go see...AND, he offered a mental note to self  that made me chuckle:  "Looser is better. Looser is okay. Loosey-goosey makes it juicy..."   Take a peek at Thomas Kitts' blog. If you do, I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.


(First: Rebecca's Coffee Shop--One of my coffee hang-outs during the 3rd Annual West Coast Sketch Crawl in San Diego, CA 8-9-15)
(Second: Van Lierop Garden Market during our monthly Third Wednesday Sketch-out--Downtown Sumner WA 8-19-15)


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