Friday, August 14, 2015

Reverent gifts.

Candle snuffers
7x9 watercolor + micron pen for fine line work
   The day had begun rough following a hectic/sleepless night. I had a time slot in Seattle at 2 for the printmaking studio and I was rushing to get packed. Having been distracted for my 9:30 "leave the house" opportunity for the Urban Sketcher event, I rustled around past 10  and decided that an hour of sketching would be better than nothing.
   I went to the Annie Wright School and found this behind the chapel scene of candle snuffers begging to be sketched. I plopped myself onto the cool floor surrendering myself to the healing possibilities. Sure enough the reverent energies mixed with the gift of art turned my day around 180 degrees... and not a bad study (for me), for using watercolor medium.

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