Sunday, September 6, 2015

Brown's Point Light House Park-Tacoma, Washington

We had an amazing turn-out for a holiday weekend!

It was fun gathering in the Brown's Point Shopping Center parking lot until everyone arrived at 10. There was lots of greeting, putting on of name tags, chatting, laughing, networking....and, on the sidelines, Charlie Glassie showed me some of the many, many watercolors piled in the trunk of his car, some of them paintings from his recent show in Port Townsend. I must admit, I very pushily changed this from a private sharing to a public showing by taking some of Charlie's paintings from him, and showing them around the group. Lots of oohs and ah-s!

19 sketchers from Urban Sketchers-Tacoma basked in a sunshine-y blue-sky day..enjoying (and sketching) views of the Brown's Point Park light house, the Light House Keeper's Cottage,  the water, fishermen, and the park grounds. At 12:30 we shared our sketches around a picnic table. Lots of affirmations floating around in the usual! We're all on our own individual journey and we're journeying together. What a great feeling of understanding and support.

Peter Darling let us know about and arranged this opportunity for us, and was chief-in-charge of Gate-Keeping, so we all could park in the enclosed parking area of the grounds. Kate Buike took our group photo, as she often does, arranging the group so all of us fit in the shot...setting her camera timer..and making the mad dash to join the front row of the group before the camera clicked. It's a special art to do that and still look relaxed in the group picture!

After the sketch-out, many of us joined together for a lunch at the brand new Hilltop Indian Restaurant in the Brown's Point shopping center. Both the food and the conversation were wonderful. Several of us told the owner we were planning to return with our 'significant others.'

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