Thursday, October 22, 2015

In the footsteps of my fellow correspondent, Kate.

   Having missed the Puyallup Fair  event with USK, I decided I needed to go before it closed-especially since I knew a handful of art friends with work in the show and had never been to the fair. Of course I took my sketchbook and came upon the giant horses that I recognized from Kate's sketches. I realized  why she felt compelled to spend time with them and did the same- they are gorgeous!
Strangely I found myself again in Kate's domain where she volunteers at the Museum of Flight. After being overwhelmed the 1st half of the day in a giant gallery of planes, I snuck off to the smaller exhibits. I ended up in the space gallery and was fascinated with the bulk of the space suits so tried my hand with the white one. Perhaps someday I will visit the closed coffee shop in the shape of the pot since it also seems to be a place that Urban Sketchers haunt frequently.

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