Friday, October 16, 2015

September's open market urban sketching

A Seahawks fan had a produce tent.
Steilacoom's market had a colorful
dress tent I was enjoying
using only a 3 color palette!
Previously I participated in a group art challenge which got me to try a new water-based medium called gouache to paint gas stations. Last month another challenge was presented: use casein with  the subject matter being open air markets. We were to use  a limited palette of any opaque water-based medium. Thus, I visited local farmers markets and marveled about how different each one was. The one in East side Tacoma was small, within a park, and all about the children who played all around me. The market in Steilacoom had a large variety with  more produce, food, music in the air, and dancing among the tent owners. The market in Gig Harbor also had live music--a pair of fiddle players along the waterfront across from the Netshed. I visited 3 other outdoor markets but then life took over and I had to stop, so... here are a couple of urban sketches from my Septembers open market efforts.

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