Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Outdoor World

Several people came to our regular 3rd Wednesday sketch outing at Outdoor World (Bass Pro Shops) in Tacoma today.  I was not expecting as many as we'd had very bad storms yesterday with many people still without power and having big messes to clean up.  In fact, I learned after I got home that the governor has declared a state-wide disaster.

The storms had passed and it was actually sunny as we arrived.  Normally, I'm a bit annoyed when Christmas decorations are up before Thanksgiving.  But I chose Santa's village as my first sketch.  Santa doesn't arrive until 3pm.  So I sketched a side of the village with the animals.

My intended sketch of the day was the unique bowling ball returns in the Fish Bowl!  The entire bowling alley was made to seem like it was underwater.

We shared sketches on the coffee table in front of a huge roaring fire. 

A few of us had lunch together in the adjacent restaurant.  Even there, a frighteningly large shark "swam" over us, high up near the ceiling! 

Lots more photos here.

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