Saturday, December 5, 2015

Van Lierop Garden Market Sketch-out in Sumner WA

We're happy we had an 'indoor-outdoor' sketch-out location today! 

It was decidedly chilly outdoors, and it rained from the moment our sketch-out began until it ended. That didn't stop the 12 hardy sketchers who were able to join in the fellowship of sketching together this morning!

The Van Lierop Garden Market in Sumner WA has a huge greenhouse in its garden area. It shielded us from the drizzle and offered a lot of interesting things to sketch. We used our hot coffee take-outs from a neighboring shop as our hand-warmers. Inside the shop, the Van Lierop family members were busy arranging holiday decorations and serving customers. They occasionally popped out to see our sketches from time to time...and, April Van Lierop took our group photo for us.We appreciated the Van Lierops' hosting our sketching event this morning!

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