Saturday, February 13, 2016

March 16 outing to Old Post Office

The 3rd Wednesday Sketch Outing is March 16  at Court House Square (Old Post Office Building)

1102 A Street, Tacoma

We'll meet staff member Madeline Murquhart in the area right across from the Post Office front desk at 10 am. We'll have a tour of all the sketching locations in the building.

There is an entrance at the red circle in the middle of the building, right next to where we'll meet Madeline (inside). There is also an entrance on the end of the bldg., which is a closer way in, if you stopped at Starbucks on the way to the sketch-out

This map shows the locations of the Old Post Office, a parking alternative and our lunch spot:

Parking choices:

There is free parking at the Freight House Square parking garages (although they fill early on a weekday) If you find parking there, take the Link Light rail to the Commerce Street Station (see detail map second under)

There is another free parking area shown on the map below. There is probably not a time limit there....if there is, it is several hours long. There are usually spaces available...with about 20-25 spaces in the lot.

The free parking lot is right under the 509 bridge.  It is the lot for the 21st Street Park: 2101 Dock St, Tacoma, WA 9842      You can walk along the water  (via the
Foss Waterway Public Esplanade) to the Museum of Glass (or walk along Dock Street if you like)  and, when you get there,  use the Museum of Glass elevator up to the  Bridge of Glass. Cross the bridge and it's only a few more blocks north on either Pacific or A Street. You can take the free Link train if you don't want to walk.  Get off at the Commerce Street Station and then walk west 2 blocks.  

Link to Google map of the route.         It is not quite half a mile.  

Commerce Street station to Old Post Office:

 After our group photo, come hang out with your sketcher-friends at the Fish Peddler Restaurant. Have a beverage, or a snack, or even order a lunch if you wish: fellowship is the main goal.

1199 Dock St, Tacoma, WA 98402

This can be a lunch time adventure that includes some 'getting to know more about Tacoma' fun: Take the elevator on the 11th street bridge down to the Dock Street level. You'll be almost in the parking lot of this restaurant, and half way back to your car if you parked under the 509 bridge---to get to that lot, you'd just walk back past the Glass Museum to the parking lot.

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