Thursday, February 18, 2016

Sketching TAM

We met at the Tacoma Art Museum (TAM) yesterday (Wednesday).  I think everyone gained admission to the museum to see the exhibits since some of the group who are members shared their passes.  However, nearly everyone sketched outside or in the lobby area.  It was sunny, moderately warm morning so outside sketching was possible.

It seemed half the group sketched Leroy, the museum mascot.  He moves around the museum but today he was well positioned in the lobby.
Kris sketches Leroy from above
Darsie (front) and Eric (back) sketching Leroy.
Feather sketching Leroy
I've always wanted to sketch this sculpture outside the main entrance.  This seemed a good chance to do so.  It is called Blanket Stories.  The dome of Union Station (now the Court House) is in the background.

Blanket Stories: Transportation Object, Generous Ones, Trek, 2014 by Marie Watt.  "Marie Watt transforms the blankets and stories shared by community members to create her sculptures.  Her title references the traditional name of the Puyallup Tribe, S'Puyalupubsh, and the importance of blankets in the American West."   More info:   "This sculpture reflects on the humble yet significant role blankets play in our lives, in Native American communities, and in the settling of the West."

As seems always to be the case for me, I had about 45 minutes remaining.  I went to the 2nd floor classroom area and sketched this view sitting at a table, looking out a window to the west.  There is the conical hotshop in the Museum of Glass, the bridge and the Olympic Mountains peaking out from under clouds.

Since so many people sketched Leroy, I figured he should also be in our group photo.

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  1. This show at the Tacoma Art Museum looks just great. I really loved the sketches. Thanks dear for the photos. I love sketching and would like to take part in the upcoming sketching fest at the domestic event venue.