Friday, March 11, 2016

Micro/Micron studies

3/4 sheet micron and watercolor
@ Starbucks in Denton Tx
   Once in a while it's good to just "go for it" with confidence. For me that's fine as long as I can stay small. Instead of concerning myself with possibly wasting a full sheet of good paper,  I divide the lighter weight paper portions into 1/4 size segments and perhaps start with what may turn into a composition study in values. I find in my micro sketches that I am more likely to dive into pen and ink only or a moment later add color.
    When visiting a friend in Denton I stopped in to a coffee shop to avoid traffic for a quick sketch. In the pictures to the right there was a young man having coffee with a girl and he had his arm in the air. At first I though, 'His hand is alseep,' but the darned thing stayed there... and stayed there... and. So I began to wonder is he a 'concert pianist that has a show tonight and believes that this will reduce swelling?' After perhaps 3 minutes I thought, ' I gotta get this!' so I went with the smaller format and micro pen. Not only did he leave it up the entire drawing but he also had it up when I did the drawing (upper left)of the lady hiding behind the newspaper. All kinds of good people watching at that Starbucks!- Feather

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