Sunday, April 3, 2016

Watson's Nursery

We held our 1st Saturday sketch outing at Watson's Nursery in Puyallup.  A lot of people came and several new people said they enjoyed themselves.

I arrived early enough to scope the place for preferred sketch subjects and make a few photos.  Those are all here, along with photos of sketchers taken later.

As it was still a little chilly outside, I started inside.  These are glass mushrooms.

My kit:

I've been using the coroplast support more.  It has a hole cut in it just the size of my large pill bottle water container.  That way, I don't spill the water!  It's big enough to hold the size paper I usually use and my small palette.  Binder clips both hold the palette and rag but also brush and pen. 

Once it warmed up a bit, I went outside to sketch the charming little cottage.  Alison sat down after I did, so I added her to the sketch. 

We did not do our usual sharing of sketches and group photo.  We had reservations in the small cafe, which was filling up so we thought we should claim our tables.  We shared sketches there but didn't have a group photo.  These are just a couple tables.  I think we had 5 in all!

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