Sunday, June 5, 2016

Channeling Chandler

I'm on a roll.  Two outings in two days!

Chandler O'Leary has a show of her sketchbooks, called "Jaunt + Jot" at Feast, a community art space in the Hilltop neighborhood of Tacoma. She invited Urban Sketchers Tacoma to have a sketch outing after a social hour at the show.

I've followed Chandler's sketchbook blog, Drawn the Road Again, for a few years.  She's joined in a couple USk Seattle's outings.  I've admired how she can create such wonderful travel sketches in such a small book (usually a Moleskine pocket sketchbook).
Enlarged scans of the sketchbooks were pinned to the walls.  A few actual sketchbooks were under glass.

Prior to the outing, we gathered to look at the show and have a social hour.  We put out out sketch kits to share.  Chandler has minimalist one (the white disk holding the sketchbook page is a jar of water).

Many of her sketches from the road are of unusual, vintage signs.  She gave us a list of interesting places to sketch on the Hilltop and I chose this candy shop, especially when I saw the sign!

This is my sketching set up.  I hold the coroplast board and sit on the stool.  The pill bottle holds water and fits through a custom cut hole in the board.

We met back at Feast at 12:30 to share sketches.

All the photos:

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