Sunday, September 18, 2016

In Galvin.

Three of us from Urban Sketchers Tacoma carpooled down to Galvin, WA to meet with other sketchers in Centralia.   I was quite early arriving at our meeting place in Puyallup, so I stopped to sketch this store.  I've been meaning to sketch it for a long time. Today there was both time and space to park across the street!

Another sketcher joined us there.  I've never heard of Galvin before but it's just a few miles outside of Centralia.

We met at "Busek's Auto Museum".  Actually, I think I would characterize it as a "collection" rather than a museum.  It's quite untidy but filled with lots of interesting vehicles and related items.  The amount of stuff to sketch might even challenge Steve Reddy, who I thought of as I looked through the 3 buildings full of artifacts. 

When the vegetation takes over a body of water, it's called eutrophication.  What is it called when vegetation takes over an old truck?

More photos here:

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