Saturday, October 22, 2016

Second Thursday Outing, November 10th at Gig Harbor History Museum

Second Thursday, November 10th at Gig Harbor History Museum

4121 Harborview Dr, Gig Harbor, WA 98332

The Harbor History Museum is a regional maritime and history museum in
Gig Harbor, Washington. It hosts exhibits on regional culture and
history, and Midway Schoolhouse, a one-room schoolhouse built in 1893
and moved to the museum's grounds in 2009.

We will meet in front of the Museum at 10am (or inside the lobby if
the weather is really cold).

Entry to the Museum is Adults $7, Seniors $6

There is a parking lot at the Museum, however, please be aware that
November 10th is a very busy day for them – school groups, meetings,
etc.  After the initial meeting, we can be on the grounds, front and
back, and in the lobby area but not in the exhibit areas unless you
want to pay admission ($7). 

Because there will be a lot of people there, please make yourselves as unobtrusive as possible.  In the morning, half the school field trip group will be in the schoolhouse and the other half in the exhibit area on a tour.  They will switch after lunch. 

Lunch possibilities across the street (Gourmet Burger Shop) and further up Harborview (TheDevoted Kiss, Anthony’s, Morso’s).

Directions:  Cross Tacoma Narrows Bridge
Exit to Wollochet/City Center
Go across the intersection (Pioneer) and onto Stinson.  (If you are
coming from the north, take the same exit and turn left at the light
and cross the freeway, then take the first left after crossing the
freeway onto Stinson.)
At the T, take a left onto Harborview at the bottom of the hill
Follow Harborview to the Museum (on the right just before Harborview
turns to the right)

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