Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Custom Sketchbooks

There is something fantastic about a handmade sketchbook, especially when it all fits, with supplies, in a small place. This book was extra special because it was lovingly made and given to me as a gift to commemorate a very special event. I normally don't work this small so I tried the double page spread which makes for a nice little size. Furthermore being small lends to needing less time to do a study so I can develop the image more completely. Also being small usually means less pages so thus the reward of finishing a sketchbook quicker.
   So upon the discovery that this little sketchbook was almost done I went to making my own sketchbook. I had made one prior to this little guy but never used it... too intimidating! So to "get over it" I decided to make a dozen sketchbooks.

 I currently have 9 made, half of which I have gifted with 3 more to complete. The best part is that I can use whatever kind of paper I like. I have used papers like tinted pastel, mineral, watercolor... and created covers and closures with specific people in mind. The construction of these sketchbooks has been a joy of learning and creating. Although I haven't used one of them yet, I do have my eye on two of them to work in before the years end... unless I give them away too. -Feather

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