Wednesday, December 21, 2016

A bright mid-winter's sketch outing

We spent the day of the longest night in the brightly colored, cheerful location that houses Tacoma's newest and only full on Art supply store:  Artist and Craftsman Supply

It is wonderful to have a branch of this store here.  The manager was so welcoming. In addition to being glad to host our outing, he set up a table for us to use upstairs such that it was nearly our own space within the store.  And he gave us pencils!

The morning was clear but still rather chilly.  I really wanted to sketch some of the interior of the store. It is in the longstanding Wagner Motors building (ca. 1928) as part of the historic and artsy Theater District.  Also, the 5,000-square-foot-plus retail space is the latest of the  chain’s 34 stores.  How 'bout that, Tacoma?!

I was there early and started sketching from the upstairs view of the sales floor below and the front door area.  I liked the detail of the columns on the left.  

Next, I chose a smaller view of the door to the room with the large sheets of paper.  I waved at the security camera and then added it to my sketch.  

Usually I only have time for 2 sketches in our two and a half hour outing.  Because I started early, I had enough time left to at least get the line work done on a building across the street.  It was warm enough to sketch outside by Noon.  This is a vintage car dealer that only hosts cars made in the USA.  It was closed today.  The mural on the side is a bit of photo collage.  When I colored this, I tried using only watercolor pencils.  

We gathered for our sketchbook throw down in the restaurant next door to A&C.   

Then we enjoyed some lunch together.  The restaurant was named, "Stink".  In spite of that, the food was good.  Apparently they are know for their cheese.

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