Sunday, December 4, 2016

Santa among the couches

The holiday sketch outing for Urban Sketchers Tacoma was back to The Old Cannery in Sumner.  We'd sketched there last December, too. There is just so many choices of interesting subjects.  I got there early and wandered around for 20 minutes, trying to choose subjects.

I finally decided to sketch this amusing moose head.  It moves and talks!  It is triggered by someone walking under the arch, so I was treated to the full range of its conversations while I sketched it.

I thought the Santa statue situated in the middle of the recliners and couches portrayed the "gestalt" of this place!   I included the "Mattress Gallery" sign for full effect.

We shared our sketches around one of the dining tables and had a group photo.

A few more photos here:

by Kate Buike

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  1. I always like looking at your sketches, Kate. These didn't fail to please.