Saturday, February 4, 2017

Inside the Pantages

The organizer(s) for the first Saturday outings for Urban Sketchers Tacoma did a lot of work to arrange for us to have exclusive entry to the Pantages Theater for today's sketch outing. 

The interior was wonderful, if a bit dark.  I was wishing I'd brought my book light.  So I positioned myself under a chandelier in the theater in order to do my first sketch.  The overhanging balcony was a popular subject today as I was just one of many sketchers who drew it. In this balcony were 4 sketchers.

There was a bit of time left so I next sketched this small ornamental detail in the lobby, with a bit of the stained glass skylight on the upper edge.

We were a large group today so it was a long line of sketches at the "throw down".  

Lots of photos here:

--Kate Buike

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