Friday, February 10, 2017

My Joy Pen

I have lots of drawing pens. Eeek. But after watching Marc Taro Holmes on his Craftsy course using a LAMY Joy Calligraphy pen, I ordered it. He uses it in tandem with the very fine carbon pen and the Pentel brush pen. I received it a week ago. It has a 1.1mm wide nib. (There are 2 more sizes, a 1.5mm and a 1.9mm) And it's a bit rounded so it doesn't catch on paper fibers. I bought a converter with it and filled it with carbon ink. Oh Joy indeed.

It's now my favorite drawing pen. Because it has that organic, live line that I don't get from Microns, Copic, etc. I love brush lines and this is the closest I can get to it but with a little bit more predictability and control.

Here are a couple of samples. These were done on watercolor papers because I like the broken quality of the lines courtesy of the semi-rough paper texture.

At Korea House, Bothell. Drawn on 3x5 Moleskine Watercolor pad.

Caffe Ladro, Bothell. On 5.5x8.5 Canson Acuarela. 

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