Sunday, April 2, 2017

Antique Center

We  met yesterday for our regular 1st Saturday outing together at the Tacoma Antique Center in Fife. I carpooled down with 2 other sketchers and it rained the entire way.

The antique shop was completely overwhelming with choice of subject matter.  One of our number is a local historian and told me that this location used to be a famous dance hall that attracted all the best bands of the time, including Tommy Dorsey.

I went out to my car to get my stool and noticed the rain has stopped.  I immediately walked to the far other end of the strip mall in order to sketch the Poodle Dog restaurant sign.  I'd really wanted to be able to sketch it and had hoped for better weather.  The rain held off long enough for me to get it done!

The Poodle Dog opened at this location in 1933.  It originally had only 2 tables and a lunch counter with 15 stools.

I went back inside and wandered for a while.  I finally decided to sketch some of the "antique" (?) bunnies.

Sharing sketches.
the group
A few more photos:

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