Saturday, April 15, 2017

Growing a community of Port Townsend Urban Sketchers one workshop at a time

Two of Port Townsend Urban Sketcher group attended the April 8 and 9 Travel Journal Sketch Work Shop at the Port Townsend School of the Arts helping to inspired and encourage the rest to join this ever growing community of dedicated Urban Sketchers. Saturday and Sunday were windy, cold and often rainy causing us to seek shelter and sketching opportunities indoors. Saturday afternoon we sketched in the Fort Worden Commons building which has a wonderful lodge like feeling with a large stone fire place in the main lobby sitting area as well as an adjoining cafe. Sunday morning we met at Velocity Coffee at the Northwest Maritime Center and sketched in and around the boat shop until a little after noon.

This was my 3rd workshop at the Port Townsend School of the Arts, the first two-day workshop and the first time a seven year old attended one of my classes. At the PTSA Open House a few weeks earlier I met Eric and his young daughter Anora who along with her father wanted to sign up for the upcoming Travel Journal Sketch Workshop. I admit I was caught off guard, not sure I would be able to keep her interest for a full two days. Boy, was I mistaken! Anora was as intent and engaged as anyone in the class, inspiring us all with her sketches and her composure. Here are Anoras sketches from the NW Maritime Center and the Fort Worden Commons. Anora and Eric plan to attend USk Port Townsend sketch outings.

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  1. Darsie, your work in PT is really paying off. I have been sketching there this week and met with Mel. Had hoped to meet up with others but that didn't work out. I plan to sketch there more, joining them for their outings!