Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Back to Fort Nisqually

This time I'm there as an Urban Sketcher, not as a volunteer interpreter! 

Roy, Carolyn and Feather carpooled with me to Fort Nisqually. While we were still on the freeway, Carolyn asked, "are we headed to those clouds?".  As we arrived, the Pt Defiance park was covered with clouds and chilly. It didn't take long, though, for those to blow away and the sun to shine on us.

Fort staff (Tracy B) was so kind to let us in early so we could start our sketch outing at the usual time. Everyone quickly spread out around the grounds.

I'm an occasional volunteer there and in that role I've done so many sketches of the buildings and grounds. So I thought about what I could do differently. I climbed to the top of the "gallery" and saw a view of one of the Bastions I'd not sketched before. I needed my trusty tool to get the perspective line correct along the fence.

"A bastion is a projecting part of the fortification offering a safe haven in danger. It was a precautionary policy of the Hudson's Bay Company to build stockades and bastions around their posts to protect property primarily from theft and, if necessary, for defense."   Fort Nisqually was not a military installation but an outpost of the Hudson's Bay Company.

With about an hour left, I went over to the bright red poppies I'd noticed upon arrival. They stand in front of one of the (un-used) outhouses!

We shared our sketches in the shade of the Factor's House porch, then had our group photo.

More photos here:

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