Sunday, September 3, 2017

A pleasant campus

For our First Saturday (Sept 2) outing, we gathered at University of Puget Sound. It is a beautiful, "red brick" campus with manicured lawns and tall trees. I found the architecture very appealing.

 It is a 4 year liberal arts college affiliated with the United Methodist Church. It was  founded in 1888. They are the "Loggers".

As usual, we (Feather & Carolyn carpooled with me) arrived early and had some time to explore the campus. I decided during this walk through that this spire and the fountain would be my sketch subjects.

Sharing sketches and the group photo

We had planned for lunch in a cafe off campus but, when called, they thought they might be too full to accommodate a group. Fortunately, during our walk around, we found the university cafeteria. It was a good place for lunch with many choices and lots of room for our group to sit together.

After lunch, a few of us went into the library to see the exhibit "Mare Made", featuring a retrospective of the art books by local artist Mare Blocker.  We also encountered a small exhibit of a group of Chandler O'Leary's prints.

Only as we were leaving did I see the observatory. I hope we'll sketch there again next year and will remember that I want to sketch this next.

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