Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Holiday at the Hotel Murano

It's been 2 or 3 years since we last sketched at the Hotel Murano and we've never done so during the holiday season. The hotel lobby was tastefully decorated and the centerpiece was a very tall tree. Since I arrived quite early, I sat down to await others' arrival and sketched the tree.

I've sketched this horse twice before. It's such an odd thing:  a full sized horse sculpture with a lamp on its head. Today I chose a different view. It also had a wreath of blue bulbs. 

Completed in a Pentalic Aqua sketchbook

By 11am, it might have warmed up a bit. While the sun was warm on my back, the wind was quite chilly blowing straight at me. I did want to sketch this unusual structure at the hotel entrance. After hunting a bit, I eventually found more information about this on the website: It is..."Orizon, a monumental, 75-foot-tall curved steel and plate glass site specific sculpture that was commissioned for the hotel and designed for the site by famed Greek glass artist, Costas Varotsos"

For a Wednesday, we had a fairly large group.

A few more photos are here:

--by Kate Buike

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