Monday, February 26, 2018

Sometimes It's Hard to Sketch!

It’s not because of the challenges of complex perspective, or how to sketch successfully with a new medium, or where to draw outdoors in inclement weather when there’s no cover in sight. It’s not about being a slow sketcher when there’s only a short amount of time to sketch, or, about being in a location that is fascinating  but out of sight of anyone so we’re ‘a mark" (a woman or a man alone and it’s starting to get dark) and we must make the hard choice (it’s a really GREAT sketching spot) between  ‘good sense’ and ‘bravado’and,  we gradually realize what we’re going to do is be smart and wimp out.
Nope. I’m not too deeply daunted by any of those sketching impediments or losses. I’m willing to mess up a good page of paper while giving a try at conquering weird perspective problems..…and, for the most part, I tend to choose good sense over (at least some) silly or dangerous risks. So, it’s none of those things that make it hard for me to sketch sometimes. When I’m in that mode, my mental sketch page looks like either of the pages below:

A family member or friend or neighbor, or colleague is suffering.  Or, the newspaper & TV let me know frightening things that are happening to folks around the world—either from natural disasters or evils caused by other folks. Or, over dinner, between commercials, we learn 17 (more) kids were shot to death in school by a 19 year old with a military grade weapon (the most profitable gun that gun-makers sell)…OR, we learn about a local corporation fighting for the right to build their own success based on doing    things that could or will seriously harm the nearby local community……etc……………!
It’s hard some days to find the necessary liveliness to sketch.  On those days, I feel as if my inner ink well is dry…or, it’s overflowing…like black tears.
I read many books and daily newspapers to learn what’s going on. Eli and I are both news-junkies. We, like almost everyone we know, work to contribute towards positive change on several fronts, including voting in every election (…..etc…..) yet, there are still those black-and-white-empty- square-days.
Facebook, of all things, helped me out of one of those hard-to-sketch-day funks this week: They posted a one-year-old  sketch of mine, for ONLY my eyes (they said) unless I chose to SHARE (many of you likely know that drill too). They keep trying, and I usually keep ignoring them. But this time I SHARED. It appears to be ‘just a sketch' because it is,  'just a sketch.'

I HIT SHARE…I knew, instantly why: I did that sketch beside some kindred spirits during a rally for LGBT rights at UW-T in Tacoma! Then, I remembered sketching inside another crowd of children, men, and women wearing  pink hats with pointy ears--- kindred spirits. And another, where I sketched like mad to capture the feeling in the midst of the people marching, because Black Lives Matter. I am 'just a sketcher' making 'just another sketch' while fully energized and empowered by people working together to be a cause of good happening in this crazy world we live in. When our kids gather all around our country on March 24 (“Save Our Lives”), count me in.

Best to you,


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