Sunday, February 11, 2018

Sound and Color

Yesterday, the Urban Sketchers Tacoma met at the Asian Pacific Festival held in the Tacoma Dome.

It was just as I remembered it from the one other time I went: LOUD, crowded, colorful. I came prepared with earplugs and I certainly needed them.

We shared our sketches and took a group photo. There are at least 3 people missing from the group.

I did an initial wander of the exhibit halls. Many sketchers took the challenge of drawing the performers in motion on the stages. I picked these two sculptures/masks of Chinese deities. They had advantages: colorful, symbolic of the event... and they didn't move.  This sign explains a bit about what they are.  The woman at the booth also explained they are worn during performance. 

A few more photos:

-- Kate Buike

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