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Urban Sketchers Workshops:
(sponsored by Urban Sketchers International

 Workshop:  Make a sketchbook   July 8 Frances' studio

(disclaimer:  not an "official" Urban Sketchers sponsored workshop but a free one put on by Kate for USk Tacoma)

Workshop 10-Noon-ish.  Bring a lunch.  If we don't finish sketchbooks by noon, we'll finish them after lunch.  And we can also sketch in Frances' garden in the afternoon.  Email me to RSVP and for Frances' address.  Her studio is in Puyallup.  mkbuike at comcast dot net

This is the optimal list of supplies and tools.  I will have tools to share if you don't have all of these.  I will also bring mixed media paper, decorative papers and cover stock.  If you want to use those instead of bringing your own papers, I ask for $3 reimbursement (per book).

Tools and supplies needed:

1 cutting mat, especially if you'll be using the utility knife to cut papers.  You could just use scissors and skip the mat.  I just think it's easier to measure and cut several papers at once.

2 11x14 paper. Any size is fine depending on what size book you want to make.  This is for the 6 inch by 3.25 inch cover size I make.  It is also the optimal paper size to be able to make 2 sketchbooks from one piece of cover stock. 

3 12x12 cover stock heavy paper (usually found in scrapbooking section of craft stores)

4 Piercing cradle.  Or you can use an open phone book or other large book you don't mind damaging with holes. If you're going to be making a lot of books, you might want to get one.  It is available from John Neal Bookseller.   (which is a good source of book binding tools)

5 awl to punch holes.  You could use the needle but that's rather difficult to hold

6 bone folder to crease paper.  you could use a butter knife or similar object

7 craft knife/box cutter to cut cover stock

8 Tombo or other glue

9 binder clip or similar

10 thread.  I use #3 crochet thread.  Heavy Button hole thread would work.  There is waxed linen book making thread available but it is expensive and I only use it for the more durable books I make.

11 Needle(s).  Large eye needle:  either a bookbinding needle or a needlepoint one.  It's fine if it's blunt as long as you punch the holes with the awl.

12 metal ruler 

-- Kate Buike

Dancing Lines: Ink Drawing on Location, People, Places and Things


 Well know Urban Sketchers Kiah Kiean Ch'ng ("KK") and Melanie Reim will be teaching a workshop in Seattle July 14-16

All the details are here: 

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