Saturday, December 6, 2014

December Outing to the Gage Drawing Jam

This is a joint blog post, pulled together from the content of 3 Tacoma Sketchers!  Frances Buckmaster wrote about Bob.  Bob Lane provided his sketches.  And I've (Kate Buike) posted it all.

Urban Sketchers Tacoma had an unusual sketch outing this month.  We went up to Seattle to attend the Drawing Jam at the Gage Academy of Art.  The jam is mostly posed models, which are not within the manifesto of Urban Sketchers.  Several of us wanted to go and it conflicted with the date for our usual outing.  So we just decided to make it the monthly outing. 

I'll not put my own drawings here because they are all of posed models (not urban sketches!).  But I have Bob's permission to post his sketches as they are a report on the event.

Bob got double the pleasure while enjoying the Jim Parfitt trio. They were playing outdoors, near the auditorium of Gage Academy, near one of the food trucks. The owner of the food truck let Bob
sit on his refrigerator, so he'd be comfortable while sketching and enjoying the music.  Bob said, "Their hamburgers were mighty good too!"

The highlight of this Gage Drawing Jam for Bob was sketching in the rooms set aside for the Children's Programs. Kids of all ages were making art, and each was accompanied by a parent or guardian. Bob said, " I loved sketching the kids...and just listening to them too. I became invisible to them, so I could enjoy listening to unfettered conversations between adults and kids, while the kids
made art."

And, of course, we had our group photo after sharing our sketchbooks around.  


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