Tuesday, November 9, 2021

A new approach for outings

 This idea is inspired by plans made by USk Chicago.

COVID community spread is still rather high in Pierce County.  Rather than moving indoors to sketch together, I will e coordinating the following.

The month before, I'll post a theme with suggestions on where to sketch.  You sketch where you choose, with whom ever you choose to gather.  

The 1st Saturday of the next month the throw down will be on the blog.  If you want your sketches shared, take photos of your sketch(es) and/or your group.  Then send to me (mkbuike at comcast dot net).  I'll create a blog post with what you send.  

You may, of course, also share in our Flickr group, our Facebook group, and/or Instagram.  

For November, the theme is Thanksgiving.  Locations could include a nursery, but don't go on the weekend unless you'll be just one or two sketchers.
Watson's in Puyallup
Windmill Gardens in Sumner
Farmers' Market

Or a location that illustrates for what you are thankful.

Images due to me on 4 December.   

Kate Buike

Wednesday, September 22, 2021


  Ahhh, it's finally Autumn.  I do not like what has become our long, hot, dry summer.  With the equinox today, I was eager to find some fall colors.  The trees in my area haven't quite turned yet.  

Yesterday I went looking for pumpkins and found a very nice display at my local hardware store.  

I also met the display designer, who is a multi-faceted artist.  I enjoyed seeing photos of his work in so many media: paint, jewelry, fiber, paper, etc. 

Today I went to my favorite local garden: Soos Creek Botanical in Auburn.  I didn't even get out of the parking lot area before I plopped down to sketch the very tall sunflowers. 

There were also many flowers still in bloom. It started to sprinkle just as I finished so I didn't do another sketch.  I might go back tomorrow to sketch them.  

-by Kate Buike

Friday, September 17, 2021


 Gig Harbor section met on an incredible sunny day at the platform in the Finholm District, the mountain was out and we delayed our Sketching a few minutes so an adorable couple could get married.  Great end to our Sketching season!

All Covid guidelines were followed, so no group photo.



Thursday, August 19, 2021

Crescent Creek

 Posted on behalf of Pam Jenkins, the outing today at Crescent Creek Park in Gig Harbor.  

Wednesday, August 18, 2021

Ghost Log

 Dickman Mill Park is Tacoma's newest park, built on the ruins of the Dickman Lumber company, Tacoma's last waterfront sawmill.  It was established in 1889, closed in 1977, and destroyed by fire in 1979.

"The massive head saw from that facility survived the fire and was placed on the Washington Heritage Register. Now, the 34-foot-tall, 15-ton artifact has been newly restored and reinstalled at its former home on the shore of Commencement Bay."

The main feature of the park is Seattle artist Mary Coss's sculpture, "Ghost Log” Designed to resemble an immense log from the past, the piece is 8 feet in diameter by 44 feet long and made of Corten steel.

More information about the project is here

I moved down onto the beach below to sketch part of the ruined mill, with pilings topped by birds, which I think were mostly cormorants.

Finally, I walked down the beach on the other side for a wide view of the installation.  An adult and two children were sitting on the beach in front of me.  The young boy had a small camera on a tall tripod.

by Kate Buike

Saturday, August 7, 2021


 We met this morning at the Nisqually Wildlife Refuge.  Many sketchers chose to sketch the historic barns on site.  I'd done a close up view the last time we were here so I picked a distant view.  I also added a tiny sketch of blackberries, which were everywhere.  

I sat on the boardwalk to sketch this massive maple tree.  I debated whether to add watercolor but decided to let the textures stand for themselves.

The group.  Welcome back to Mick, on far right. 

by Kate Buike

Saturday, July 24, 2021

Ancich Waterfront Park

 Ancich Waterfront Park, Gig Harbor

I sketched the historically restored Ancich Brothers Netshed from the observation platform at the park.  Being ambitious again, I returned the following day to finish the sketch.  Total time was 2 hours, using a Staedtler pigment liner and watercolor in my Pentalic 130# sketchbook.

Lori Johnson