Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Workshops offered in Seattle

 Both of these teachers are active Urban Sketchers in Seattle.  These workshops are not officially sponsored by Urban Sketchers, but they are open to us. I wanted to alert you to them as you might find them helpful. 

This is from Stephanie Bower.  I took her workshop last year and she is a very good teacher!  Her focus is on Urban Sketching. 

This photo is from one of the Good Bones workshops held this past winter/spring at our own Pike Place Market.  I'm scheduling 2015 workshops now, including more Good Bones in Seattle (yes, even in our winter!), a 5-day workshop again in Civita di Bagnoregio, Italy for those who want full emersion, and a 2-day workshop in the beautiful pedestrian center of The Hague, Holland.  

Sign up for 2015 workshops is open now! For more info and photos, please go to www.stephaniebower.com and click on the new "workshops" page. 
And don't forget about the 2015 USk Symposium in Singapore--guaranteed to be an utterly amazing, superbly well-organized event where you'll meet incredible sketchers from around the world!  
Happy Sketching everyone!

And this is from Anita Lehmemm, whose workshops I've not taken (yet):

drawing, field sketching, expressive works and watercolor

more information @

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