Saturday, February 7, 2015

Sheltered from the rain in Johnny's Dock

We met at Johnny's Dock restaurant  for our February monthly outing.  There were windows all around the building out of which to sketch.  Good thing, too, as it was pouring rain. Many of us sketched this same scene across the waterway.  At times, the visibility was diminished by the rain!

I was somewhat distracted by good conversation this time,  so really only got one sketch done.  I had a great time, though.

I think this might have been our largest group yet.  I think I counted at least 25 sketchers.  Some had to leave early so not everyone is in this group photo (taken by our resident photographer, Scott McElhiney)

Pat sketching
the group in the lobby: Jamie, Candy, Feather
look at all those windows!
sharing sketches

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