Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Finding Beauty 'In-Between'

When I was in Kindergarten I was given a boxy, plastic device called a View-Master, along with some white cardboard disks that had tiny squares of film around their edges. I would put one of the ‘reels’ into the slot on top, look into the eye-hole lenses, push down the lever on the side…and, Oh My! I would see beautiful, blazing-with-color 3-D scenes of wild flowers in mountain meadows. The context: This was before TV, and, our Brownie Box Camera took black and white pictures. Since that gift, I’ve loved watching for special views through ‘apertures’…like a  garden seen between two broken fence slats,  a carnival parade between two buildings, a school of minnows between two lily pads.
 So, this morning…I wasn’t disappointed when I learned I couldn’t go to the beach edge due to private property ownership issues. A very nice person let me sit on his porch to sketch, and, poor me: I had to peek between his and his neighbor’s roofs to see ‘the scene.’ My original color in the sketches looked ‘regular’…so, I gave them both another dose of pigment, and enjoyed a blazing fond memory of my old View-Master.  Strathmore sketch pad-Toned Tan. 01, 03 Micron pens. Prismacolor pencils.


  1. What a vivid flashback and what about those stereoscopes?. Photography was a magical realm that brought us many exciting things. With it all gone digital, (no offense to photography) I am happy to have sketching as my new magic. Thanks for sharing... love the between sketches.

  2. Wonderful framing by the obstructions, Frances.

    - Tina

  3. Thanks Feather and Tina! I know you both truly understand the magic experience of seeing and sketching what we both see and feel!