Saturday, July 18, 2015

Annie Wright Schools

I've been so busy with multiple sketch outings, I didn't realize I never posted mine from Wednesday at Annie Wright Schools!  

The Tacoma Sketchers Wednesday outing for July was held at the Annie Wright Schools.    Jean, one of our members, teaches there and arranged for us to have access.

After a tour of the school, I decided I would attempt the perspective challenge offered by this view of the cloisters.  I really loved the Tudor beauty of the building.  I also really love cloister walks and gardens.

This is the most difficult perspective view I've ever attempted.  I nearly gave up during the pencil drawing.  But I persevered and got it mostly right.  There is a bit of wonky-ness but I'm pleased overall.  I did need the help of my perspective tool as I didn't quite believe what I saw.  As Stephanie Bower said in her perspective workshop, "don't believe your eye".

While sketching, a group of middle school aged children arrived with their teacher, "Dr. Wizard," and carrying TREBUCHETS!!!  How wonderful.  I got a close up view of the good Doctor's expert teaching on how to fine tune the aim of these small weapons.  Apparently, there will be a contest on Friday, scoring for accuracy and distance.   The young girls closest to me were doing very well in accuracy.

Sharing sketches and group photo

Many more photos here, including outside and inside the school

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