Thursday, July 2, 2015

Astronaut on Board

This morning I made a dash to Bremerton to sketch the astronaut on the Viet Nam era destroyer, USS Turner Joy.  This is the 9th sketch of 25 in the series.   My plan is to sketch all 25 of the "Astronauts on the Town", which is part of the Museum of Flight's celebration of its 50th anniversary,

It was a cramped space so I composed the page with just half the sculpture as I wanted to also include the hatch so that the environment of the ship would be a part of it.

This is "From the Archives" by Patrick Sexton.  It's covered in collage pieces.  So my sketch has a couple of them, too. 

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  1. Nice sketch! Cool that you work in series too and fantastic theme. I would love to see your series one day at our luncheons.