Thursday, July 9, 2015

Dosewallips State Park camp and sketch outing

This week we left our island paradise and headed north for two days of camping at Dosewallips State Park on Hoods Canal. I'm not really sure why but I've always had an aversion to camping until this summer when my wife Chris talked me into purchasing a very small tear drop travel trailer. Now we had to go somewhere and since the end of May we have been to Penrose State Park on the Key Peninsula, Fort Flagler on Marestone Island, Seabeck on Hoods Canal and this week again on the canal at Dosewallips. What an eye opener for me! So much natural beauty, so much to see, to sketch and paint, to be in awe of. The weather of course has been stunningly beautiful and near the water not too hot.

The sketch of the nature preserve was viewed from an observation station in the preserve. Derwent watercolor pencils, a touch of watercolor provided evidence of my being in this incredible place if only for about an hour.

I knew as soon as we arrived at this location on Dabob Bay and I saw the reflections in the glassy calm water I had to sketch it. So a short kyak along the shore and back to the beach to take it all in.

Last May I attended my first urban sketchers outing and I began a journey of discovering sketching and comradeship with a profoundly wonderful effect on my life and my art. Now I have added more travel exploration and discovery to my sketching life experience. How very grateful I am!

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  1. Very well realized both sketch and experience. Thank you for sharing. In all the unsatisfying sketches I have experienced the last few weeks, your post reminds me why I continue to do it. Thank you.