Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Shaking it up with a new medium

Fuel pump -5x11 gouache on watercolor moleskin
   Today I tried something totally new which I find similar to a "gravity check"--- when you drop something unexpected. So I went out to roast on the tarmac of an airport this afternoon for 2 attempts at painting a gas station in gouache. Having no prior experience with this medium, I found that I spent just as much time misting the paint and swishing water into a dry brush as I did trying to push paint around the paper. The good thing is when it dries it is treatable to revise with water. After having struggled with watercolor the last 15+ months (and never suiting my needs) I see this new medium as having possibilities in my Urban Sketching future... just maybe not in the sweltering heat like today.

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