Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Urban Sketching v. Urban House Painting

Urban Sketching v. Urban House Painting


En Plein Air---En Plein Air


‘In the Zone’-------Pondering Solutions to Problems

Limited Supplies--------Gallons of Supplies

Knowledge of Perspective----Knowledge of Gravity

Value Contrast to Model Form----Putty and Caulk to Model Form

Transparent Wash---Power Wash

A Point of View or Station Point------Viewing Every Point  

July has been ‘paint the house month’ at our home, so this posting is all words.  The comparison list above is ‘the art’ I have to offer at this time. I’ve only sketched twice this month. The first time was at our Regional Sketch-out on 7/11 ..and I already posted the three sketches I did that day on Flickr and Facebook.

I sketched a second time when I volunteered to help out at the Peninsula Art League’s Summer Arts Festival in Gig Harbor on 7/19. I’m not done with that sketch yet. I hope I don’t ruin it when I get time to finish it. I enjoyed  sketching outdoors at the Arts Festival..even though the temperature was over 90 degrees. I learned that heat does strange things to colored pencils...and, I like learning these things:

Water-soluble colored pencils do not turn into a ‘wash’ with the application of water.
Wax-based colored pencils melt and do surprising things.


  1. Totally fantastical comparison!
    Just to note that you are also working on your large brush strokes!

    1. Thanks, Patti. Wish you had been here while I was making the comparison list: That was a big one to miss!