Saturday, September 26, 2015

Inside Passage Cruise to Alaska

One week ago today - Saturday - Chris and I were on board the MS Oosterdam heading back to Vancouver BC after a week of cruising the inside passage. The scenery was spectacular, especially Glacier Bay National Park. Most of my sketches were done while on board even while in port due to really nasty weather. The street scene of Ketchikan was done from the ships observation lounge. With the wind out of the SE at up to 70 mph and the rain coming in sheets it felt like we were inside a car wash, albeit a cozy car wash. The only day it didn't rain was the day the ship departed. When I mentioned the inclement weather to an Alaskan native he said if you don't like the weather don't travel in the shoulder season.

I felt my watercolor pencils really came into play as I was sketching the glaciers. I felt the texture of the 135# watercolor paper in my moleskine journal enhanced the feel of the overall sketch. I drew the land, glacier and water with dry pencil and pulled the pigment off the end of the pencil onto wet paper for the sky, then went back in and added water to the dry pigment to complete the sketch. Because I had the time most all the sketches were completed on the spot.

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  1. I love this post, Darsie, especially since Frank and I have just begun planning our Alaska trip for next year. I had to think about what "shoulder season" meant, but finally got it. I really love your technique and would love to watch you in action next time we are all together. I love how your formatting fits the image. Landscape across the fold for the glaciers and portrait for the street scene. Though I wasn't there I really get a sense of the weather and vastness of the place. Thank you for sharing.