Saturday, November 7, 2015

Red Shoe

A large group of Urban Sketchers-Tacoma met on a very rainy day at the LeMay Family Collection at Marymount. 

Since I arrived early, I sketched under the cover of a walkway.  This is a view of the building which housed the boiler for the complex.  Marymount was operated by the Sisters of St. Dominic from the early 1920′s to 1976 as a military academy for young boys.  Talk about a double dose of discipline!  I asked the staff how nuns ran a military school.  They did the regular teaching.  Soldiers from nearby Fort Lewis provided the military content.  More about that here  

Once we were all gathered, I explored the several rooms of the collection.  It was difficult to pick a subject.  Until I saw the Red Stiletto car!  It was the weirdest vehicle there so that's what I had to sketch.  It is a custom built art car made in 1990 by David Crow of Snohomish.  It is powered by a Honda motorcycle engine.  There are two seats, with a passenger seat above the driver in the upper heel.

Figure is a standee of Marilyn Monroe.  The album covers are a bit of
photo collage. 

As usual, we gathered to share sketches and have a group photo.  It was a good sized group today with several new sketchers.  Welcome, all!

Lots more photos here.

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