Saturday, December 12, 2015

The process of sketching simply

   Sometimes it's not all about being inspired to draw something special. Sometimes it is just about the challenge to create a sense of space, the challenge to create a rhythm of line work...
    Sometimes, as a sketcher, the challenge is simply about going somewhere and dedicating an hour or two of my life to the process. It's not that I feel I must get a worthy study but more important to block out all the distractions and concerns of my own world and just be in the moment. This time warp, when I allow myself to stop and be without thought to the work, justification for investing the time or accountability for my success and efforts, can have powerful to transform my day, my outlook or my circumstances. To go and just simply sketch, just for the sake of doing it, can be a gift and the only reason I need to remain an Urban Sketcher. -Feather

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